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I have always enjoyed the 24 hour T-Shirt deals from sites like and but have always had trouble keeping up, it is quite tough as a blogger to write about something that’s here and gone in a day. Blogs are part of the long tail and are better for finding things that are available for a longer period. I was pleased to come across which provides 10 t-shirts from one designer for 30 days. For the month of March they are featuring designs from Gregg Abbott and they are some really kookie designs and each for $12 which is a great deal.

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I think this is an awesome idea from the guys over at thirtee. I love this month’s artist, especially the “I’m not crazy” t-shirt design, it’s absolutely cool! 🙂 edsaav
Those are some pretty slick designs, this Gregg Abbott guy has a great style. Are these shirts available anywhere else now that they’re not on anymore? worldniketrade
The tyrant dies and his rule ends, the martyr dies and his rule be-gins Michael Cabuco
All of those tees look super fresh! I’m lovin’ the last alien one the most. Vintage Graphic Tees
this is one of the best t shirt sites in our opinion. They always have great designers and you are right, its always hard to keep up with the one a day sites.

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