Monsters of Grok

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Monsters of Grok

A great new concept from Amorphia Apparel called Monsters Of Grok, a selection of great thinkers in the style of great rock bands, a must have for all geeks I particularly like the Tesla/Edison in the style of AC/DC, genius.

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    That’s great! Now I can allow myself to always wear black tees with this printed on.
    Good job guys!

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    These are rad. I wish I would have had the Sagan one for Carl Sagan Day, which was yesterday.

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    Great Parody! These are hilarious tee shirts.

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    Really good idea for a t-shirt line, I like it nice work!

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    Well…….it is simple a wonderful Idea.

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    its Really a good idea for a t-shirt line, I like it alot. nice work! keep it up.

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    We need some of these in the oficce

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     What a great surprise; that’s a great T-shirt!

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             Really cool cap! The shirt is nice.

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