“Frak Cylons, Let’s Hug” from Generation Love

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“Frak Cylons, Let’s Hug” from Generation Love

A few days after my Battlestar/Katee Sackoff post last week, I received an e-mail from a new t-shirt company called Generation Love.

I was completely charmed by the intro video & love the logo for the company. Genius! Their tees carry a message similar to Free Hugs campaign, and Generation Love’s objective is to change mentalities and help people get closer again.

My favourite shirt from the company is their “Frak Cylons, Let’s Hug.” I’ll admit a bias here, because the centurions are pretty sexy, shiny & awesome – and the little fighter in the background makes me squee!

A few others i liked were “Me + You = Hug” & “Member of the Love Generation” with John Lennon.

There’s a lot of tee designs, colors & varying messages on the shirt templates. I like the selection – Keep up the good work, Generation Love!

Love & purple corduroys,
Mary Bee