Design By Humans, An Action for a Good Cause

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Design By Humans, An Action for a Good Cause

On going T-shirt desing competition, Design by Humans, is currently helping efforts with the American Red Cross relief of the aftermath from the earthquake and tsunami that gravely affected Japan. But they’re not doint it without having a good loking shirt. A special edition t-shirt designed by artist, johnsonflores, just for the cause called “Help Japan.” For every “Help Japan” t-shirt sold until Sunday, DBH will donate $3.00 to the American Red Cross. Why not? This is one of the fashion-est way to help our friends in Japan.

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Very similar to Designs from Dongster that went up around the 14th of March (I bought one the 15th):
But Im guessing as long as its all for charity its okay 🙂
– Tom pennelli trucco
good cause for japan! Infinity
There’s a screet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY Pat Boggs
please, do NOT trust the RED Cross in regard to Japan
They expect to put the appliances into temporary homes.
Such homes will not be built for as long as a year just
because debris must be cleared.

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