Are You an Angry Bird or a Green Pig?

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Are You an Angry Bird or a Green Pig?

With $42 million in Series A funding raised recently and being played by 40 million monthly active users — there are lot more to expect from Rovio. Whichever side you choose, just make sure you know how to finish the game. Grab this tee from Tees for All ($18.99 each)

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If you can’t speak, your T-shirt will speak for you. Marian Lajcak
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You can see Angry Birds everywhere I go from clothes to t-shirts, key chains etc. People are getting crazy about this birds. In fact, my daughter also loves playing those games and it’s really fun hitting those pigs! kids t-shirts
Angry birds are everywhere. From iPhones to PC’s, now clothes to accessories. Angry birds merchandises are getting big. Vintage Graphic Tees
When will angry bird T shirts be replaced and by what? I am scared to find out.
Ben Flyguy – awesome gaming and geek t-shirts! got a few from these guys, really great fit and quality!
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