Another Big Lebowski T-Shirt

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Another Big Lebowski T-Shirt

The Dude Abides, as do we all. Found this little gem via Design Milk and Society6. They also have prints and a pretty cool laptop skin. It’s got some classic lines on it:

“calmer than you are”
“hey, this is a private residence”
“you human paraquat”
“obviously you’re not a golfer”

  • TShirt Shack

    I  wish we could see some more of this shirt in different colors and the text in high contrasting colors to make it more readable

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • cool t shirt

    yes i agree. there should be more colours in this design.

  • custom t shirts

    loved the tee graphic. good choice for anyone who wish to wear it. definitely i am :-)

  • antivirus free

    the design should be more colourful

  • antivirus free

    you should experiment with different colors

  • Josh Deloit

    this is a pretty sick shirt. i’ve found similar stuff for cheaper on they give you a 30% discount with this coupon code: mike30    check it out if anybody’s interested

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