Anger Management?

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Anger Management?
Have you got your Angry Birds upgraded to the new Seasons – Easter Eggs? The most awaited upgrade will finally get the most of your gaming experience (who doesn’t love easter version?) and I would congratulate you with one my favorite Angry Birds tee shirt by Glennz.
Anger Management, I don’t know who need one: the birds or you, who play the game. Anyway, the term angryitself has been associated with hitting your head to the wall (got idea what Rovio is doing with the birds?) and when you start doing so, counselling service is a must. Nonetheless this is one of the most hilarious tee every Angry Birds lover should have.
*written by Rangga Rahimsono, proud-guest contributor for Tcritic and blogger of T-shirt blog,
  • rhaizza mari

    T-shirts are comfortable to wear and you can also add your own style on it by putting funny/attractive graphics and/or texts.

  • Alisha

    haha.. this is so funny!

  • Marian Lajcak

    Glennz shows some amazing skills here. It seems good and comfortable.

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  • kids T shirts

    LOL! I thought this was a troll for that game.
    Sorry for being such a slow mind.

  • custom t-shirt

    Very cute! Love it!

  • Custom Tee Shirts

    Haha…everyone loves this game. What level are you in?

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